OD Success Stories

Robert Reid, OD

Robert Reid, OD

After six years of stagnant growth in my practice, I had to face the fact that although I was a good optometrist, I was not a good businessman. I had opened my practice 20 years ago fresh out of school, and like so many new college graduates, I thought I knew it all. But running the practice was tough. We had modest increases the first several years and then hit a long-term plateau.

Donna L. Shotwell, OD

In the spring of this year I knew I had to change something. I needed professional help. I had been practicing optometry for 18 years, the past 4 in my own solo practice. We were growing, albeit slowly, but the stress of running the practice was getting to me. The slightest problem and I found myself wanting to run in the opposite direction; compound that with the fact my five year old daughter had just finished 2 1/2 years of chemotherapy for leukemia .... can you say STRESS!!!!? I was ready to sell my practice and go to work at one of the local Wal-Marts.

Dorrine Goldschmidt, OD

I opened my own optometry practice six years after graduating from school. Since I hadn’t talked with other optometrists first, I had no idea how tough running a practice would be. Taking care of my patients, running the staff and managing the practice overwhelmed me. My employees didn’t carry their weight. They put in their time, collected their paychecks and went home. The practice was making money but I didn’t keep any of it—everything went back into the business. Working six days a week, my life was consumed with my business.