Have a Smoother-Running Practice with On-Site Custom Consulting

Management by Statistics Office Visits

In addition to one-on-one consulting, Sterling provides on-site customized consulting. Depending on the size of the practice, an on-site program is delivered by one or two specialty consultants, is one to five days in length, and provides unique benefits to the practice.

Practice Analysis

The first step of your office visit takes place at Sterling before your consultant arrives. In coordination with you, Sterling’s trained technical team gathers extensive information about your practice and its staff. A senior consultant then diligently studies all the information and performs a practice analysis to uncover the exact issues which need to be addressed in your practice. The senior consultant then formulates the precise actions to be taken while at your office to address these issues.

What Happens at Your Site

Upon arrival at your site, your consultant’s first step is to meet with you and review all the information gathered, your practice analysis and the implementation plan of action. All actions are taken with your full agreement and consent.

The specialty consultant observes your operations and how the staff interact with patients, each other and you. The consultant reviews these observations with you and addresses any issues which are uncovered.

The remainder of the office visit is is devoted to implementation of the specific steps needed to address the issues in your practice. Depending on the nature of your program, the specialty consultant may deliver workshop style training to your staff to groove them in on the principles of the Sterling program and get them on board.

Due to the customized nature of an office visit program, it is impossible to predict the exact issues to be addressed. It is common, however, to address one or more of the following areas:

  • Boosting revenues and profitability
  • Financial management
  • Procuring new patients
  • Referrals, internal and external marketing
  • Collections and accounts receivable
  • Organizing and efficiency
  • Increasing productivity
  • Resolving staff issues: disagreements, lack of motivation, unproductiveness
  • Streamlining workflow and communications

Being “on the ground” enables the Sterling consultant to observe first-hand how the practice operates and how the staff interact with patients, each other and you. The consultant will be able to detect problem areas which may be kept from the owner’s view. The consultant is also able to address any issues with the staff on an individual basis. Finally, the specialty consultant is charged with ensuring proper implementation of the appropriate steps of the Sterling program.

At the conclusion of your office visit program, your consultant formulates a customized follow-up program to further implement key actions in your practice. This leaves you with a series of straightforward, easy-to-follow steps.

Follow Up

After your site visit, Sterling can schedule phone consultations to guide you through the remaining implementation steps.

Ensuring Maximum Results

Your specialty consultant reports daily progress to Sterling’s Senior Vice President. Much care is taken with each step of your program to ensure you and your practice derive the maximum benefit.

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